November 2011

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25. november 2011 at 1:03

Related article: Date: Tue, 06 Nov 2007 07:17:49 -0500 From: Subject: After His Shower II For the next several days I couldn't get the image of my dad's cock out of my head. Seeing him that night getting out of the shower was an experience I knew I would never forget. Something inside me was telling me that I should feel bad for being so aroused by seeing my own father naked but I was at that age when erotic stimulation outweighed reason and I simply enjoyed the memory of that night without Lolita Nn guilt and without thinking about the meaning of it too much. The image of his naked body and his perfect cock entered my mind each time I masturbated after that night and, though I did not think of anything more than how beautiful it was and how erotic it was to see him standing naked in front of me, I enjoyed the experience of shooting my load and feeling my cum dripping down my hand while the image of my dad getting out of the shower played in a loop in my mind. He was, after all, the first adult man I ever saw naked in the flesh. I had seen pictures of naked men in my dad's straight porn magazines but they always seemed so posed and artificial to me. What was so enjoyable about seeing my dad naked was that he was real, right in front of me and unafraid that I might be watching. That, coupled with the fact that his cock was absolutely perfect and beautiful to me, was enough to keep the vision in my head for a long time. I made it a habit for the next several nights to be in my room while he was in the shower. I hoped to be able to see him again and maybe, if I was lucky, get to repeat the experience we had had that first night. Unfortunately, my nervousness got the best of me. I was afraid to appear to eager to see him and when he did come out of the shower and enter the hallway outside my room, I turned away and pretended to be busy, afraid that my looking at him would make him embarrassed or angry. Afterwards I was even more eager to see him and my unsatisfied anticipation made me grow more bold in my thoughts. After about a week I had devised a plan that I was determined to follow through with. It was daring and probably unwise, but the thought of it made me harder than I had ever been in my life. For the few nights before I did it, I would masturbate thinking of it and my orgasms were the most intense I had ever experienced. Afterwards I felt guilty for what I had been thinking about but soon I knew I would have to experience it in real life or the thought of it would drive me crazy. On Sunday night I was ready. While my dad was in the shower I stripped off my clothes and put on my bathrobe. I was already hard with excitement but as the time grew closer my nervousness made my cock go limp. As I thought about him in the shower, the water running down his body, his hands running across his body, soaping his cock and cock once again grew hard and poked out of the front of my robe. I looked at myself in the mirror. My erect cock pushed its way through the gap in the fabric of the robe, a small drop of pre-cum glistening on the head. It was exactly what I wanted. I heard the water stop in the shower. I sat at my desk waiting for my dad to dry off and go to his room. I couldn't see him from where I sat but I knew his routine well enough to know that it would only take a few minutes before he was in bed. I sat there, my heart pounding, my mind second-guessing my plan until my cock again began to grow limp. I was disappointed but resolved to go ahead with my plan, knowing that it was just a temporary set back. After a few minutes, I stood up and collected myself. The tie on my robe was loose, I grabbed my notebook and made my way to my father's room. His door was only slightly closed but I couldn't see if he was in bed or not. I knocked quietly and he invited me to enter. "Can I ask you a question" I said. My father adjusted himself in his bed, put down the book he was reading and said "Sure, come in." I walked over to the side of his bed, my heart racing. My robe was still loosely tied but I could feel the air blowing Lolita Nn through the thin opening against my still soft cock and balls. As I walked I could feel my cock against my thigh and it made it get slightly harder but my nervousness kept it from getting fully erect. I was so nervous I couldn't stand it. I handed my father the notebook. "Can you read this for me?" I asked, sheepishly. He took the notebook and began to read. It was a paper I had started for my history class but I could have cared less if he liked it or not. As he read I looked at him laying in bed. I knew he usually slept in the nude but I was surprised to see that he was not hiding it from me, his sheet resting on the top of his leg, giving me a full view of his naked thigh and the side of his ass. The vision caused my cock to stir but I was still too nervous to get hard. I was afraid the opportunity would pass me by without my intended result and the sight of his naked body, though mostly covered, made me more daring than I would have imagined. As he read I gently loosened the tie on my robe, allowing it to open completely, exposing my semi hard cock and balls, naked chest and stomach to my father who was still reading my report. He didn't seem to notice what I had done but standing there almost naked before him, was enough to cause my young cock to come to life. I was so erotically charged that I did not care what might happen when he was done reading and saw what I had done. By the time he finished my cock was completely hard. He handed the notebook back to me and didn't even flinch when he saw me standing there almost naked before him. "Looks good," he said. I wasn't sure if he was talking about me or about my report but I answered as if it was the former. "Thanks", I said. "I hoped you'd like it." "It's good," he said. "Very good". I stood there for a few seconds not knowing what to say next. My cock was so hard and my mind was so full, I didn't even notice the drop of pre-cum dripping from the head of my cock. Without a word my father touched the tip of my cock, wiping the pre-cum with his index finger. "You're dripping," he said. Embarrassed, I pulled my robe together and stammered, "I'm sorry," I said. "I didn't know..." "It's okay," he replied. "It happens". I let my robe open again. I wanted him to see how it made me feel to be naked in front of him. I wanted him to see my cock hard for him, pointing toward him, inviting him to touch it again. "I get hard all the time," I said. "I can see that," he replied. I stood there for a minute, allowing him to see me. He regarded me with affection but did not dare touch me. "Do you masturbate?" he asked. "Yes," I answered, slowly allowing my hand to address my swollen cock. I wiped a new drop of pre-cum from the head and allowed my finger to rub the moist, warm liquid onto the underside of my shaft. He did nothing but watch. I continued for about 30 seconds and stopped, thinking it was too much Lolita Nn for him. "It's good," he said, and paused. "To masturbate." I wasn't sure if it was an invitation or simply fatherly advice but I had come so far I couldn't stop now. I once again brought my hand to my cock and began running it up and down the shaft. He watched as I stroked myself in front of him and absent-mindedly licked his lips. "Like this," I asked, looking at my hand running up and down my young cock. "Yes," he said, "Just like that." I wanted him to touch me or to join me but he only watched. It was enough but the anticipation of what might happen was so exciting that it didn't take me long to cum. As I stood there before him, my hand gently stroking my swollen cock, I shuddered and my legs felt weak. I don't know if I made any sound but soon a long stream of white liquid shot from my cock and landed on my father's chest and shoulders. Immediately, I was embarrassed, but my father gave me a look that told me not to be. I believe he was as ashamed and turned on as I was but neither one of us said a word. What had happened was inevitable and gave me more pleasure than anything before or since. I wanted more but was satisfied and emotionally drained. I closed my robe and bent down to give my father a good night kiss. I could smell my cum on his chest mixed with the soap from his shower. The erotic bouquet made me linger on his lips a few seconds longer than necessary but he did not pull away or ask me to stop. I stood up and began to leave, somewhat embarrassed and totally turned on by what had just happened. "You forgot something," he Lolita Nn said and I turned around remembering my notebook. As I walked toward him I noticed that he had taken a drop of cum from his chest and was looking at it on the tip of his finger. As I grabbed the notebook I saw him take another glob of cum from his chest and his hand disappeared beneath his sheets. "Go to bed, son", he said. "Sweet dreams", I replied and I closed the door behind me.
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